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Business advantage

Business advantage

The professional production line adopts advanced foreign production technology, and the length of the kiln line is second to none. It is the only one in Henan Province; the production capacity is high, the quality is excellent, the factory direct sales, and the cost performance is higher. The kiln has a total length of 300 meters, a width of 2.7 meters, a daily output of 2,500 square meters, and a professional ceramic permeable brick production line with an annual output of 1.5 million square meters. It is the longest and highest-yield ceramic permeable brick production line in China.


Professional Advantage

The manufacturer specializes in customizing and can do 80mm thick for fire protection. The largest 60mm thick on the market at present; the specific size can be customized.

About color: Henan Zhongguang Ceramic permeable brick has 8 colors.

1. White: ZG-01 2. Pink: ZG-02

3. Yellow: ZG-03 4. Red: ZG-04

5. Gray: ZG-05 6. Green: ZG-06

7. Blue: ZG-07 8. Brown: ZG-08

Note: Among the 8 large color systems, white, yellow, red, and gray are regular colors.

Among them, yellow, red, and gray are divided into three types: shallow, medium, and deep.

Another: special colors can be customized according to customer needs.

The national building materials monitoring center test report, the product testing parameters have exceeded the national standards.


Tame Advantage

Zhongguang Ecological New Materials is a professional R&D team and production team integrating R&D, production, sales and service marketing. It guarantees the quality of products, professional sales team and professional product knowledge to ensure customers' peace of mind to buy; To benefit the people, the quality is supreme. Zhongguang Ecological Ceramics permeable bricks use slag waste and waste ceramics as raw materials. Screening and grading waste ceramic raw materials, rationally organizing particle grading, high-temperature molding by secondary fabric 1500T, high-temperature firing at 1200~1300°C and complete porcelainization, and achieving a perfect combination of high strength and high water permeability through the porcelain process. Zhongguang Ecological Ceramics permeable bricks are sintered at high temperature, rich in color and durable, and can be used to lay out elegant urban roads. Compared with other paving materials, Zhongguang Ecological Ceramics permeable bricks have unique reusability, reducing waste of resources during construction and producing good economic and social benefits.

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